Agasthya entering the kalasa

 Three family came with agasthya muni to perform festival called girijakalyana in kalasa [Dakshina kashi].
Three families are:-
Hoskere:-Sudrashan Murthy H.S
kunikere:-Shiva Shankar Rao

agasthya muni and his wife wanted to go to kashi to see the girijakalyana which is celebrated once in 12 years.while he was in journey the growing of vindhya paravatha and the imbalance in an earth was created. devatas came to know about it and prayed for lord vishweshwara[shiva]appeared on the way of agasthya to kashi and told to go back to  his place.lord vishweshwara told to agasthya that he will come with his relatives to agasthya's birth place and told him that he will show him the darshan of nithya kalyana.

And also your place i.e. agasthyakshetra will be know as dakshina kashi,which has its improtance more than 10 times[one gullgungi] and also blessed him that :

vishweshahakalasosho vaasa kashi kalashapuri ! sa gangathungabadracha satyamevana samshayaha !!" and he also told that the place will be known as kashi kalashakshetra and disappeared.