Girija Kalyana--To celebrate the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. It starts amavasya to harihara hunnime. kalayana mahotsava is performed by three family who came with agastya muni from kasi. The names of three family are hosakere,kunikere and mavinakere . I am proud to be one of them.
THE GIRIJA KALYANA (The birth of alround beauty)

The sage agastya drank the water of the sea taking it in his palm paved the way for the destruction of kakkaya demon thus benefitting the people on the earth. He strated on the pilgrimage to'kashi'acompanied by his wife,travelled all over aryavarta and was residing in kashi.the vindhya parvatha completed with 'meru' mountain desiring to grow higher than meru agastya nosinig this curbed the growth of the vindhya parvatha and thus gavied the administration of the rishis and gods.his wife lokamudra the celebrated learnt about pativarta dhrama priniciple through the devi"raja putri nama stubhyam rishipathi varenena" "lopa mudriti vikhyate suthage sarvamangale"was the the blessings of devi conferred on the lokamudra

Earth these blessing the couple proceeded to sri saila and these learnt about the great man of kalaseshwara from skanda and were selted peacefully at their "swakshatra"

During the dajshay age parvati learnt about the abuse of her husband,he lord and was hurt in her feeling and ended her life in yogagni when eshwar come to known abou this incident he embraced vairaghya and amended the dakshina murthy from mean while tarykasma who had a vara from bhrama that his end should be only at the hands of paramesheara progeny was weding has power was the there world's and was growing strings.

Gods in turn were looking for the 'kumaraswamy'to be rid of the tarakaswamy.

Lord eshwara consented to marry 'girija' born to himavanta and menakadevi with grace of devi

In due to course 'girija kalyana 'eshwara marrying girija took place and kumarswamy was born to them to make way for his 'tarakasumvadha'with indravathi god could retain their position and live in peace.'girijakalyana' sage agastya star on his his journey with his wife. The god knew that vindhya was growing and felt that any undeterred growth of vindhya mightcome in the way of agastya journey.

So they prayed god visheshwara to relieve the situiation moved by their prayer god visheshwara made his appear and before the agastya couple and told the sage 'oh agastya,proceed to your birth place and i will come to your birth place with all my family member's and bless you with the 'nithya kalyana'there itself.

Also your place of birth 'agastyakshetra' will come to be known as 'dakshina kashi or southern kashi'and will enjoy a slightly higher sanctity more than'kashi' itself in the north with there blessing vishwara vamsha'.he declaned 'vishwasha kaleshwra vasakasi kalesepuri.ganga tunga,bhadra the sathyametana samshaya

As promised to sage agastya on kartika sukla dwadenday sri girija arravied at kalasa and girija kalyana was celebrated in all grand to satisfaction

Giriraja himavan and indira gods. Rishi's and all other present with the family of himavant,the agastya couple felt great to the affection of parameshwara on them and were immensely happy at the celebration. For the celebration of this kalyana the three families came from kashi.They are Hokere,mavinakere and kunikere. We are from Hoskere family staying in kalasa town.

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